Vacant Staging

Did you know that staged vacant homes sell 85% faster than unstaged vacant homes!

Home Staging is designed to increase the potential selling price and reduce the amount of time the property sits on the market. For every month your vacant property sits waiting to get sold your losing equity.

Luxury Staging

We specialize in staging Luxury Homes. Attracting Luxury buyers is different than the average buyer.
Luxury listings require High End Interior Design!

We create state of the art show homes with an elegant eye taking your fantasies beyond your dreams
with a fabulous living lifestyle. We create inspiring, and compelling first impressions that makes Luxury
properties more attractive and memorable.

Home Renovations

The art of fine residential construction and renovations require us to set our standards high. We bring forth to you high quality workmanship gaining us awards, referrals, recognition and great pride. We
have the confidence, experience, specialized credentials, certified, licensed, insured, reputable, and professional to ensure we meet your needs and satisfaction for exceptional work. We look forward to
showing you how your vision of your new project will come true and look beautiful!
Luxe Property Staging has been committed to helping real estate agents and homeowners gain more equity from the sale of their properties, using home staging as a marketing tool since 2008. Today, LUXE Property Staging is a multi-award winning home staging company, specializing in Vacant Staging, with clients in Toronto (GTA), Milton, Mississauga, Cambridge, Paris, St. George, Oakville, Ancaster, Guelph, Brandford and other surrounding cities.

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