Home Staging Services

Luxe Property Staging offers a variety of staging service packages tailored to help home sellers receive the most equity from their home. Each package includes the award winning staging expertise of Kelly Peletier.

Vacant Staging Package

Luxe Property Staging provides both a 3-5 room package and full house staging. With the use of rental furniture, and Luxe Property Staging's appealing accessories; (wall art, rugs, throws, small furniture..etc.) they will transform empty lifeless rooms into engaging warm living spaces; attracting more buyers.

Occupied Staging is a 3 step process:

1. Home Staging Consultation - With a complete walk-through of the property we will provide you a step-by-step list of recommendations to prepare for showcasing. Depending on the size of the property, the consultation takes approximately 2-3 hours. Starting at $295

2. Prep Work - During this step, the actions recommended in the consultation are completed. Depending on time and budget the homeowner may choose to do some or all of the prep work.
For full staging service packages, Luxe Property will provide a proposal with quote for managing this step.

3. Showcase - Combining design experience and comprehensive knowledge of the home selling process,

our home stagers use design elements such as colour appeal, room function, space and flow, lighting and more to create a buyer appeal resulting in a positive sale.


Luxe Property Staging Designers will re use and rearrange your existing furnishings to make you fall in love with your home all over again; room by room. This package is designed by budget and scope. Begin the transformation with a 2 hour planning process. You keep the plans!! We will provide a proposal and quote to complete the vision.
Planning Consultation (2hr) $295

Color Consulting
Walls, fabric, window treatments, fixtures; all decor is a colour choice, and with the wrong palate, colour choices can make or break a rooms overall feel.

With our guidance, choose colours safely and avoid costly mistakes. Our 2 hour consultation will leave you feeling confident when implementing a new colour scheme to your room/home.
Color Consultation (2hr) - $295

Additional Services:

Painting – Home Staging colors are used to create harmony and interest. Color is the “silent salesperson” helping to make the sale.

Handyman/Carpenter – Skilled and licensed craftsman available for your repairs, tasks, and maintenance of your property.

Renovations – Complete interior/exterior renovations or remodeling work providing you with a positive building experience.

Landscaping – Modifying the visible features of your land creating a great design for curb appeal to attract buyers.


"I can sum up Kelly Peletier’s staging work and the results in one word: outstanding. The value of staging a home was certainly not lost on me, but during the initial discussions with Kelly, she informed us that a properly staged home would likely get us on offer on the house within two weeks. I was somewhat skeptical. When I saw the house fully staged… I wanted to move back into the house myself. She had completely captured our sense of style and shaped the décor into a warm, stylish and inviting home. Whatever doubt that was still lingering in my mind was completely blown away after receiving an offer after only having the house on the market for four days. Kelly’s professionalism, dedication, organization and intuitive stylish sensibilities are worth every penny, and I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone."

Dan Noble and Sarah Caughill