Vacant Staging

Did you know that staged vacant homes sell 85% faster than unstaged vacant homes!

Staging is an Investment not an Expense!

Home Staging is designed to increase the potential selling price and reduce the amount of time the property sits on the market. For every month your vacant property sits waiting to get sold your losing equity.

Real Estate Staging Association's (RESA) statistics:

  • Vacant homes previously on the market sat on an average for 277 days and still did not sell. The same properties were staged, re-listed, and sold in 63 days! That’s 78% less time on the market.

  • Study shows 126 home owners sat with their properties on the market for 263 days before deciding to stage. That's 9 months! When doing the math we can see that most home owners have an average mortgage expense of $1800.00 plus utility bills of around $300.00 that totals $2100.00. Therefore total carrying cost per month of $2100.00 x 9 months = $18,900 in expenses.

  • It is a proven fact that vacant properties are the hardest to sell, and often face price reductions which equal another big loss of money that can be in your pocket!


Can you afford not to stage?

With the wide range of competition and properties available for sale people no longer view staging as a “nice to have” option! It is a marketing tool that is now “mandatory” to maximize your equity.

Did you know that 90% of prospective home buyers cannot visualize and see the true potential of the home when it is vacant and unstaged.

Non-Staged Vacant Homes

  • 90% can’t visualize the homes potential. There are no guidelines as to how their furniture will fit, or how to arrange it.

  • People only know what they see, not how it could be.

  • Hardest to sell.

  • Viewed 5 minutes.

  • Cold, lonely impression.

  • Lower priced offered.

  • Looks smaller than when furnished.

  • Awkward layout.

  • No emotional connection. People fail to fall in love with wanting to live there.


Staged Vacant Homes

  • Beat out the competition of other properties that are not staged.

  • Buyers want to buy it.

  • You create an emotional connection. It's love at first sight!

  • Viewed in 40 minutes.

  • Looks bigger, brighter, cleaner, warmer and more loving.

  • Can envision living in the space, and gets ideas on how to decorate. Builds an attachment between the home and the buyer.

  • Shows well in photos and marketing.

  • Sell more successfully.

  • Receive a higher offer when the place shows value.

  • Display lifestyle elements.

Vacant properties can send a strong message that the seller is desperate to leave because they’ve already re-located. This gives buyers an advantage when negotiating an offer and they will submit a much lower asking price.

So how does this all work now that you have decided to stage?

Selling a property is already stressful. When hiring Luxe Property Staging, you can rest assured that we take care of all the staging for you.

It is our job to manage every aspect of the home staging project. We take care of the design plans, installing and setting up the property for show, de-stage once sold, sourcing furniture and carefully selecting the right accessories to showcase your property just right. This will entice the right demographic who would most likely want to buy the home.

We create the vision so buyers don’t have to mentally do the work in their mind. Once they see the potential of the home and how it will be for their own living, you greatly increase your chances of getting offers. First impressions sell and you literally have less than 5 seconds to WOW that buyer. Many buyers also search on the MLS first. A properly staged home allows for great photos to keep your property on the top of the “must see” list.

Lastly, we are an award winning company who specifically specialize in vacant properties, and focus on getting you the results you want!