Home Staging is not just a thing they do to sell houses in Toronto…

Home Staging is not just a thing they do to sell houses in Toronto…

February 1st, 2014|Uncategorized|

Worldwide, Staging is one of the fastest growing career choices for small business owners.

When I became a Home Stager six years ago, most people outside the Real Estate industry didn’t know what one was. Home Staging has evolved to become one of the most valuable marketing tools to help sell a property. It is now considered an integral component in the process. Despite the growing number of statistics indicating the effectiveness of staging, some remain skeptical. Many simply resist change not grasping what is trending. The saying “People don’t know what they don’t know” holds true. The continuing education of the general public is key.
Yet, savvy homeowners are realizing very quickly, home staging is no longerviewed as ‘a nice option to have’ or, as a luxury afforded by the wealthy. It is now widely accepted that you can’t afford NOT to stage your home.

Staging is high on the Return on Investment List:

  • as your property stays on the market you will be pressured to lower your asking price, maybe multiple times
  • general upkeep of home and yard will cost you dollars as well as your valuable time
  • statistically a staged home repeatedly sell faster than those not staged
  • a staged home will sell for top dollar, in some cases for more than the original asking price

The demand for the creative talents of the professionally trained Home Stager is growing. The concept of Home Staging works. Around the world, it has helped to sell millions of homes. These numbers continue to climb
and so will the return on your investment when you hire Luxe Property Staging. We are fully insured and highly qualified, and can assist you in any area of preparing your home for sale.

LUXE Property Staging is an award wining home staging company, specializing in Vacant Staging, with clients in Toronto (GTA), Milton, Mississauga, Cambridge, Paris, St. George, Oakville, Ancaster, Guelph, Brandford and other surrounding cities.