Vacant Staging


Vacant homes tend to have a tougher time selling in a reasonable amount of time and for a higher sale price compared to homes that have been properly staged. If you can realistically increase the perceived value of your home and achieve a higher sale price simply by having it professionally staged, then such efforts are certainly well worth it. No home staging project should ever start without a consultation. It is during this crucial appointment that your home stager will be able to visit your home and assess exactly what needs to be done.

Once your home is scoped out in great detail, your stager will be able to provide you with a more accurate quote, regardless of how big or small your home happens to be. A telephone conversation won’t suffice; instead, an in-person visit will be required to gauge what will be needed for your home staging project, and that’s where the initial consultation comes in.


Furniture that is of the appropriate size and has been properly arranged can actually make a room appear larger than it is. The opposite is also true: vacant rooms actually seem smaller than they truly are. Buyers might think that the room won’t be able to fit all of their furniture in it if the space is not already furnished. Once they start questioning the size of the space, they’ll be more likely to walk away from the property, which means a lost sale for the seller.

About 90% of people are unable to visualize how furniture can be arranged in a room if it is empty. If they can’t envision how the space can be used, they’ll be less likely to develop an emotional connection to the room – and the home as a whole. By staging a vacant home, you will be helping buyers see themselves living in your home, which is exactly what you want in order to boost the odds of a handsome offer coming in soon after putting your home up on the market.

Leaving your home vacant when it’s on the market can potentially mean money left on the table. Of course, the goal of every seller is to sell faster and for as much money as possible, and a properly staged home has this potential. In fact, studies suggest that staged homes can sell as much as 70% faster compared to un-staged properties. If your vacant home is not selling as quickly as you’d like it to, then you may have to reduce your price in order to attract a willing buyer.


I can sum up Kelly Peletier’s staging work and the results in one word: outstanding. The value of staging a home was certainly not lost on me, but during the initial discussions with Kelly, she informed us that a properly staged home would likely get us on offer on the house within two weeks. I was somewhat skeptical. When I saw the house fully staged… I wanted to move back into the house myself. She had completely captured our sense of style and shaped the décor into a warm, stylish and inviting home. Whatever doubt that was still lingering in my mind was completely blown away after receiving an offer after only having the house on the market for four days. Kelly’s professionalism, dedication, organization and intuitive stylish sensibilities are worth every penny, and I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone.

Dan Noble & Sarah Caughill