Home Staging Services

Luxe Property Staging offers a variety of staging service packages tailored to help home sellers receive the most equity from their home. Each package includes the award winning staging expertise of Kelly Peletier.


Staging a home on the market is all about helping buyers envision themselves living in a particular home. It is this emotional connection that is what entices buyers to inevitably put in an offer. It’s also about giving buyers exactly what they might not even know they need in their next home.

Don’t start without a consultation! An initial consultation appointment is of importance to an overall staging project. It is during this consultation that your home stager will have a chance to visit your home and check it out in great detail to see what needs to be done to appropriately stage it. Your home stager will not be able to identify how to stage your home without seeing it in person, which is why a telephone conversation alone simply won’t cut it. In addition, an in-person visit will also help assess the price of the staging project, regardless of whether it’s a studio condo or a 5-bedroom mansion.


The effects of professional home staging have been proven time and time again. With every staged home comes another successful sale that helps sellers realize top dollar for their property and sell in as quick a time period as possible.

Although buyers might have an idea of what they are looking for in a new home, they are often unable to see the potential in a property when they visit if the home is not appropriately staged. Instead, staging helps them better visualize how a space can work for them.

And when it comes to luxury homes, professional home staging is an absolute must. In fact, luxury buyers have come to expect luxury properties to be appropriately staged. Staging essentially tells the story of the home using appropriately-chosen and arranged pieces and decor that conveys information about the lifestyle that a buyer could if they buy the house and live there.

With the competition as fierce as it can be, luxury sellers absolutely must invest in an effective home staging plan that will help make their homes stand out above the crowd and bring out the best in their interiors. With all the extravagant furniture, accessories, and artwork that is typically required in a luxury interior, this particular type of staging project is best left to the experts, and LUXE Property Staging is your resource for all things luxury staging.


I can sum up Kelly Peletier’s staging work and the results in one word: outstanding. The value of staging a home was certainly not lost on me, but during the initial discussions with Kelly, she informed us that a properly staged home would likely get us on offer on the house within two weeks. I was somewhat skeptical. When I saw the house fully staged… I wanted to move back into the house myself. She had completely captured our sense of style and shaped the décor into a warm, stylish and inviting home. Whatever doubt that was still lingering in my mind was completely blown away after receiving an offer after only having the house on the market for four days. Kelly’s professionalism, dedication, organization and intuitive stylish sensibilities are worth every penny, and I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone.

Dan Noble & Sarah Caughill