Occupied Staging

Occupied staging is a crucial piece of the selling puzzle that all sellers should seriously consider. At Luxe Property Staging, we can help transform your home into one that buyers in your area can't help but fall in love with.


Your home may already be fully furnished and decorated, but is its style in accordance to what buyers in the area are currently looking for in a new home? While you certainly don’t want to put your home on the market when it’s vacant, you also don’t want to market your home if it is inappropriately furnished and decorated for your target buyers. As important as home staging is, it’s absolutely imperative to start with a consultation. After all, we need to know all the ins and outs of how to effectively stage your home for the market.

It’s impossible to gauge what is needed simply by having a telephone conversation. Ideally, your stagger will pay your home a visit before quoting you a price and making any suggestions. It doesn’t matter how large or small your home or condo may be; your home stager will still need to see what he or she is working with, and that is why a consultation is so important.


Showcase The Potential

Home stagers have a knack for identifying the exact type of buyer that’s looking for a new home in a specific neighbourhood. Stagers will then keep this particular demographic in mind when furnishing and decorating a home. By helping buyers see themselves living in a home, they will be much more willing to buy it. If oversized, outdated, and worn-out furniture is replaced with better options, buyers will be able to connect to a home and may be more willing to buy it.

A staged home that accurately showcases the purpose of each room will be perceived as more valuable to a buyer. For instance, if a 3-bedroom home is staged as a 3-bedroom home instead of a 2-bedroom property with an office, then the home will be more valued, especially if the demographics in the area are looking specifically for more bedrooms. Professional home stagers will recognize this and will be able to stage each room appropriately to help tell buyers exactly what the purpose of each room is.


We want to thank you for the excellent staging and remodeling you performed at our aunt’s house. As a result of your work, when the house went on sale, multiple offers were received on the first day of listing. The house sold for an amount greater than the listing and resulted in a value increase of double the renovation cost. Your dealings with the suppliers kept the costs at reasonable levels and ensured good quality and proper installation. We were constantly updated on your progress and all questions were answered promptly, and any suggestions given by us were considered and discussed. A fifty-year-old house was updated to a modern look that appealed to a variety of potential buyers. Again, thank you for the outstanding results; a house that sold in one day, at a premium, and with the worries of preparation taken care of by you.

Kathryn and Robert Hookey