Selling? Be Sure You Have All the Pieces for a Successful Sale!

Selling? Be Sure You Have All the Pieces for a Successful Sale!

February 9th, 2016|Blog|


Today’s Real Estate Market is a puzzle.

The most important pieces include clients, agents, preparing the property for sale, photographs and videography. The quandary here, is these pieces may be fitted in more than one way. However it’s wise to know that not all finished puzzles are created equal.

Home Staging Intelligence is an essential service in bringing the pieces together expertly and strategically, completing the puzzle to offer a picture that will obtain the optimum results.


Price the property correctly, follow the directions below, and market a fantastic product

For the most desired results, follow through on the expert recommendations set out in your consultation provided by the Certified Staging Professional

Professional Home Stagers, who are highly skilled artists, will create a visual appeal and attraction that will focus on the target market

Exceptional images are critical in making your property stand out and to look it’s best. 90% of people can’t visualize accurately. Therefore amazing photography of the staged property allows the potential buyer to see what lifestyle they’ll be purchasing

Using a videographer with experience in real estate is equally important, as they will lead the would be buyers on a virtual tour of their future home.

In the years before the internet was a common tool, real estate agents would often attempt to sell properties in ‘as is’ condition. It was just how things were done. Nowadays almost everyone has easy access to the net. With just a few clicks they can view home after home. Every house on the MLS and many others are available for their viewing. What this means to the seller is that you have only seconds to capture the prospect’s attention. The best way to achieve this, is by taking full advantage of the talents and knowledge of both your agent and Home Staging Professional. The staged listing will optimize your chances of getting on the viewers ‘must see in person’ list.

Don’t waste time and money. With less stress, and in less time, the puzzle will be solved. Invest in a Home Staging Professional.

Luxe Property Staging has been committed to helping real estate agents and homeowners gain more equity from the sale of their properties, using home staging as a marketing tool since 2008. Today, LUXE Property Staging is a multi-award winning home staging company, specializing in Vacant Staging, with clients in Toronto (GTA), Milton, Mississauga, Cambridge, Paris, St. George, Oakville, Ancaster, Guelph, Brandford and other surrounding cities. For more information, to view their portfolio or review case studies, visit