Vacant Homes are the Hardest to Sell

Vacant Homes are the Hardest to Sell

February 6th, 2014|Blog, Colour|

SOLD-homestaging-statistics39 out of 10 people can’t visualize how a vacant house will look once their furniture is arranged properly, and the right accessories and lighting are in place. This translates to the seller failing to connect with 90% of the target market.
Buyers can’t assess the size or potential of the rooms
In viewing a vacant room, since there are no furnishings to compare the available space to, the buyer will judge the room to be small. Your property will give an impression of being less spacious than it is in actuality, making the asking price to seem inflated. Clearly, this creates a serious hurdle making your house much more difficult to sell. For each month your home remains unsold, you are losing money. Furthermore, potential buyers will begin to believe you are growing desperate. Opening bids will become less attractive makingit even more troublesome to obtain your asking price.

Vacant Properties Lack Personality and Perspective
Some homeowners think they are saving money by staging only a couple rooms. This only creates a feel of incompleteness, giving rise to another negative for the seller. Also you are selling the whole house, not renting a room. It is imperative that you provide as much value to the asking price as possible. Your house is a product up for sale. That product must be merchandised to its fullest potential if you wish to receive the asking price, or to surpass it!

Statistics Prove, Staged Homes Sell 85% Faster
Many people search for homes on the MLS before they actively enter the market. A staged vacant property will provide effective photographs and attract serious buyers readily. In general, first impressions are made in five seconds. A trained professional stager will help secure that WOW factor.

Home Staging maximises the potential selling price, and reduces the time a property sits on the market!
Luxe Property Staging will skillfully create the vision needed to allow the buyer to realize your homes true worth. When they see the great potential of their future home, and how well it suits their personal needs your asking price will increase dramatically in value.

We offer furniture and accessory rentals, and will present your property in ‘Show House’ condition.

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