Product Presentations at Trade Shows

Product Presentations at Trade Shows

February 14th, 2014|Tradeshow Design|

Your core goal at a trade show is to engage buyers with how they will use your product. Having a great product is very important but it’s not enough if you can’t successfully attract customers to it. That is why targeted marketing is a must to increase sales.

Simply displaying your product doesn’t increase sales. It is critical to create enthusiasm, attention and excitement to show off the core reason a buyer would want the product that you are selling.

So how do you drive awareness and sales when you have seconds to convey the message to attract shoppers like a magnet?

This is where Michelle Finnamore Interiors and Kelly Peletier owner of Luxe Property Staging are Masters at creating great presentations that attract buyers.

They set up eye catching interest to bring the buyers in! Their skills, experience and training will provide you with a trade show space that is purposefully arranged to maximize impact, flow, and visual impact to make shoppers come closer.

It’s about creating

  • A positive emotional response that makes your product easy to remember
  • A selling area that is approachable and inviting
  • An enhanced space with visuals that tell the story of how a buyer uses your product

Your display of product will stand out from the other competitors giving you the advantage.

LUXE Property Staging is an award wining home staging company, specializing in Vacant Staging, with clients in Toronto (GTA), Milton, Mississauga, Cambridge, Paris, St. George, Oakville, Ancaster, Guelph, Brandford and other surrounding cities.